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Gamers and Specators

Days until LANtastic! -273
Doors open Saturday September 24 at 09:00

event flyers



Core Staff

Our core event staff. These individuals have been involved with the coming of LANtastic VII for months prior to the event. They've put in countless hours of preperation work, and you can be sure to see them at the event!

Full Name: Matt Callaghan
Nickname: Fermulator
Position: Event Coordinator
Duties / Responsibilities: "Event Coordinator" for the LANtastic events. Matt does what needs doing when it comes to LAN parties, and so he'll fill the gaps for whatever areas we are lacking in volunteer/staff. This year we've got more people stepping up to help, and help with more, so he can relax just a little. whew! This year is primarily focused on: Technical, Game/File Servers, Sandvine Initiatives. Will also continue to support in a smaller role marketing, sponsorship, etc.

Full Name: Mike Mackie
Nickname: Aerankas
Position: Technical Staff & Server Administrator
Duties / Responsibilities: Long haul from Ottawa! Trooper! Mike's the guy you can throw any technical problem at and he'll figure it out. Will be assisting with event preparation (whatever can be done remotely), event setup & teardown, and whatever is needed throughout the event. Specializes in networking and power setup.

Full Name: Peter Belej
Nickname: sygnus
Position: Finance Officer & Game Server Administrator
Duties / Responsibilities: Once again coming in strong, Pete will be managing finances & payments making sure our little not-for-profit event doesn't end up in the red. Also helping to manage 1 or 2 dedicated game servers, will be helping with event pre-testing, setup, teardown, etc.!

Full Name: Ben Szmyt-Valois
Nickname: Arrogant
Position: Sponsorship & Prizes Lead
Duties / Responsibilities: Ben is stepping up this year to lead the primary efforts for contacting amazing potential sponsors for our event! Several other staff members help in this area as well, so Ben will be working with them to ensure we reach a wide variety of opportunities and ultimately end up with some sweet prizes for attendees!

Full Name: Alex Krueger
Nickname: FishesBeCrazy
Position: Technical and Web Site Administrator
Duties / Responsibilities: Alex will be chewing through a few of our never ending website enhancements and defects, as well as helping with some server work for the event!

Full Name: Alex Steers
Nickname: Xanamander
Position: Technical Staff & Game Server Administrator
Duties / Responsibilities: Steers is stepping up and owning nearly all of the PC game planning, selection, and preparation efforts. Will also be assisting with the event preparation and testing!

Full Name: Andrew Fox
Position: Volunteer
Duties / Responsibilities: Andrew is working on a kick-ass game download caching solution using nginx and our Sandvine feature-set! When you see Steam downloading at 80MB/s, this is his handy work!

Nickname: Avatar
Position: Server Administrator
Duties / Responsibilities: Avatar's got a handle once again on our beefy game setups file server. Targeting a rock solid 4x1Gbps link into the floor to facilitate faster game installation times for those who forgot to pre-install!

Full Name: Travis Willard
Nickname: Cerebral
Position: Volunteer
Duties / Responsibilities: Despite how busy Travis is, he's still got it in him to help with a few LAN tickets/tasks :) -- helping significantly on the sponsorship front and a few "potential game" investigations for the event too. Rocket (League) Man!

Full Name: Kenan Ali
Nickname: crappy_hell
Position: Volunteer
Duties / Responsibilities: Kenan is helping out with various technical efforts pre-event, with focus on some Sandvine initiatives!

Event Staff

The following persons are those who will be volunteering their time to help run LANtastic VII smoothly on Saturday, Sep 24th 2016. Without these extra volunteers the event could not be successful.

Full Name: Sandvine HR Team
Position: Marketing and Event Staff
Duties / Responsibilities: Numerous individuals from our very own Sandvine HR team are pitching in to help make this event a success. They're also improving the quality of gaming enjoyment for our core staff by offloading event duties! A select few of them also are driving the marketing initiatives (thank you Janna and Kylie!)