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Gamers and Specators

Days until LANtastic! -273
Doors open Saturday September 24 at 09:00

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LANtastic VII
Your friendly neighbourhood LANtastic organizers present:
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LANtastic is an annual PC gaming, bring your own computer, LAN party event.

We strive for an easy going and casual PC gaming event. There is a gaming schedule with "anything goes" time slots, but it is not mandatory to follow.

Registration is open to the community and as we grow we expect more people from all over Southern Ontario.

If you like PC multiplayer gaming, THIS EVENT IS FOR YOU!

When: Start:09:00 am - Sat 24 Sep 2016
End:04:00 pm - Sun 25 Sep 2016
Where: Address: 410 Albert St. Waterloo ON, N2L3V3
Venue: Sandvine Inc. SV2 Cafe
Seating Map: Seating Map
Parking & Unloading: Google Maps
Cost: Admission Fee: See payment details below
Checklists: PC Gamers pdf
Liability Waiver and Rules pdf



As a promotional segment for our events, and as well to show people how cool Sandvine is, we'll have some spectator hours typically on the Saturday of the event. (See the schedule to see exactly when!) This enables people who aren't quite sure what we're all about to come check it out! Sandvine will also have a booth setup for informational purposes for both the event and some recruitment staff.

How it works:

  • spectators will walk around, checkout the scene, gawk over sweet gaming rigs, and soak in the fun!
  • enjoy yourselves as usual, take a socialization break if you want
  • bring your resume if you think you've got what it takes to work at Sandvine



OH NOES: VIP passes are only offered for early bird and angry bird payments which are now expired. See below for what you missed out on; next time pay in advance :)
  • Entrance fee discount
    • $10 off the entrance fee for early birds
    • $5 off the entrance fee for angry birds
  • Guaranteed seat reservation
  • Guaranteed pizza slice of your choice reserved (default is pepperoni)
  • LANtastic VII Special! Early entry to the event @ 07:30 pm - 23 Sep 2016.
WARNING: If you don't prepay for VIP status your seat is not guaranteed. Seats are available on a first come first serve basis for those who pay after the last 'pay-in-advance' deadline, or at the door.


<discounts & deals>

Sorry, there are no discounts available at this time.

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Payment amount details:

  Entry Fee Comments
Early Bird
$15 Discount Offer Expired
Deadline: 11:59 pm - Sat 20 Aug 2016
Angry Bird
$20 Discount Offer Expired
Deadline: 11:59 pm - Sat 17 Sep 2016
Regular Admission $25 Regular price for paying anytime after 11:59 pm - Sat 17 Sep 2016, or at the door.

Once your payment has been verified, a crew member will give you VIP status and will also send you a confirmation e-mail reminding you to reserve your seat and select your pizza preference. (The process is, unfortunately, NOT instantaneous.)

Accepted forms of payment:

Interac e-Transfer Cash/Cheque PayPal
Interac e-Transfer Cash/Cheque PayPal

e-Transfer (e-mail money transfer) payments and cheques can be made payable to the Payments e-mail on the contact page.

PayPal payments have $1 automatically added to the cost to cover PayPal processing fees.

You MUST include, as it appears on the registration for this website, the following information:

  • Full Name
  • Username
  • E-mail address
(either in writing on an envelope for in-person payments, or by e-mail notification to the money guy)



Question: Answer:
Wow a LAN party! You've already hosted so many events! Why haven't I heard about you guys before now? LANtastic has run several events in the past as a pseudo private event. Historically, in order to attend, you either had to work at Sandvine or have a friend who worked at Sandvine. Since LANtastic VI (2015) however, we have opened it up to the public, with LANtastic VII (2016) being our first truly publicly advertised occurence. Welcome to our LAN!
Why aren't all of the games on the schedule? Some games (such as legacy games) may not have official time slots, however we may be running a dedicated server for it for nostalgic reasons.
I don't like many of the games on the list, should I still attend? Remember, the games list is merely the list of "official" games being played by the majority of the group, and the schedule is simply a guideline. It may even change part-way through the event! Some gamers will follow it exactly, others partially, and some not at all. If you'd like to come and play an obscure MMORPG the entire time, that's completely fine! Although we do recommend trying to enjoy some of the social activities and games :). Finally, we're always open to suggestions for alterations of the official and scheduled games, so feel free to contact us at the "Gaming" e-mail address or via social media to provide input.
What criteria do you consider for game selection? LANtastic is a "casual" PC gaming event. We strive for a balance of hardcore AAA games and fun/easy games. Barrier to entry and purchase are also considered. See the games page for more information.
How can I win the prizes? The majority of the prize pool will be made available via raffle sometime Saturday evening. Some prizes (such as game give-aways) may be distributed electronically prior to the event. Depending on the circumstances of the donation, some prizes may even have special events.
How do I access the game-giveaways when LANtastic is sponsored? For games offerred to 100% of attendees, digital license keys will be made available in your profile a few days prior to the event for VIP attendees. Non-VIP players can request their key after paying at the door. For game give-aways which are limited, prizes will be offered early in the schedule, usually on Friday evening.
Can minors (<18 years of age) attend this event? Absolutely! There MUST be an adult present at all times who assumes responsibility for the minor, and parental consent MUST have been acquired. Contact the LANtastic staff for more details.
Are we able to leave our gaming rigs at the event space overnight while we rest (so we don't have to haul the systems back and forth etc.)? Your rig will be safe overnight (with a small caveat, see next question). All attendees must find accommodations elsewhere while the party venue is officially closed. The venue is physically secured by key card access.
What guarantees do LANtastic provide for the security of my hardware? Due to the nature of this event, LANtastic makes no commitments or promises w.r.t. the security of anyone's equipment and is free of all such liability. You are responsible for all of your possessions, everyone MUST sign a waiver to particpate, and frankly we've never had a problem. All attendees are in the same boat, and we expect full respect from everyone for one another's equipment. It is strongly recommended that you fully read the waiver/policy prior to signing and attending.
The gamer checklist indicates Power Watt limitations, please explain. Computer power supplies advertise a wattage number. However due to efficiency loss, your system would never be able to draw that maximum value. In addition, the total power draw depends on the components in your rig. You can A) approximately calculate it theoretically, or B) measure it with an energy meter such as the kill-a-watt. In order for the staff to properly plan electrical and power distribution, if your system will actually draw in excess of 600W, you MUST contact us to make special power arrangements.
Where are the tournaments? The culture of LANtastic is to attain a "casual gaming environment" in which the majority of attendees can enjoy. As such, official tournaments are more than often not included as these are typically geared for more competitive game play. In addition, our event is relatively small, so attracting enough competitive teams to run a full tournament is not feasible.
I'm coming from out of town, where should I stay? See our lodging partner for details on discounted hotel rates!
What to do, and where to go when I arrive? First and foremost: When you first arrive, you MUST sign in with the LANtastic front desk (follow the signs) -- they'll help you with sign-in procedures.
Do I have to arrive or leave at any designated times? You may arrive and depart from the event at your own convenience. The event opens and closes at specific times and VIP attendees get additional time. See the schedule for full details.
Why does the event close during the night? Due to venue regulations, attendees are not permitted to stay overnight. Plus, the staff needs to sleep :)
How does physical access/entrance to the building work? Access to the building is controlled by key card -- only Sandvine employees have permanent access. However for this event we have arranged for several mechanisms to help alleviate this inconvenience. Look for the sign on the outside of the main door!
  1. When you first arrive, call the primary telephone number and someone will come down to admit you.
  2. If you are returning to the event and your friends are already inside, have them come down and let you in.
  3. Upon request, guest access cards can be signed out with appropriate collatoral. This is intended only for loading/unloading gear or when going for a short food run. All guest access cards MUST be returned to the LANtastic staff prior to event closures each day.
Can I bring my own file server? Probably :). There is limited space and power for attendee file servers, so first come first serve. It MUST be headless, and require only a single power cord and single gigabit connection. It MUST NOT be sharing any adult content or other offensive content. Contact our technical questions contact to make arrangements.
If I can't make the event, can I get a refund? The LANtastic Staff does our best to put on a killer event while trying to keep costs as low as possible by maintaining a near-zero surplus year-over-year. If however there is a surplus, then we will save a portion of it towards refunds, as long as:
  1. You contact us as early as possible BEFORE THE EVENT
  2. You unseat yourself to free the spot for somebody else
  3. If you're with a group of people, please help re-organize the seating to leave a contiguous block of seats free for other groups
  4. We achieve our minimum seat threshold (may change year-over-year)
The remainder of the funds will be put back into the event for next year in an effort to continue to improve the event!