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Gamers and Specators

Days until LANtastic! -273
Doors open Saturday September 24 at 09:00

event flyers


Welcome to LANtastic VII!
[Fermulator] [08:16 pm - 25 Aug 2016]
Ahoy there LANtastic gamers!

This is our official website with all the stuff you need to know. Please browse around and familiarize yourself with the layout. Absorb the event details!

If you're not quite sure what this event is all about, please see the information page for more details.

If you know that this is what you want, register for the event and pay in advance for VIP status to guarantee a seat. Don't forget to participate in the polls!

Interested in sponsoring LANtastic? Thank you for your interest! Please see the sponsors page for more details.

Not sure if this is for you? Well come check it out during our spectator hours mid-afternoon on the Saturday of the event weekend!

[Fermulator] [09:13 am - 29 Jan 2017]
Finally the album system is repaired and photos are available!!! Enjoy :)

OK photos are delayed :(
[Fermulator] [05:37 pm - 02 Dec 2016]
I went and got married! -- didn't get things for photos done before the wedding items came full force, and then a honeymoon of course followed.

(also we need to repair the photo DB which had a glitch the day of the event...)

Our regrets for the delay on sharing with everyone. We'll work to get things finalized ASAP this December.

photos soon
[Fermulator] [10:34 pm - 07 Nov 2016]
photos are almost ready - we had a glitch with the albums, so it needs to be rebuilt ...

It's all Over
[Fermulator] [09:34 am - 01 Oct 2016]
Well LAN friends, the end has come. Thank you for coming :) -- what an event!

Krew rested this week, and we'll be working on some of the follow-up post-event items as soon as we can. Stay tuned for photos.

[Fermulator] [06:49 pm - 23 Sep 2016]
You probably want to go here instead:


[Fermulator] [06:37 pm - 23 Sep 2016]
All, any changes from 6PM Friday will NOT transition to the internal website. (seating changes, pizza preferences, etc.)

See you all soon!

Zone2 Opened
[Fermulator] [10:36 pm - 22 Sep 2016]
Our friends at Clearpath have a relatively large group, so they've moved to Zone2!

This opens up several seats on Zone1 main area, allowing those users to sit down. Thanks Clearpath!

[Fermulator] [08:50 am - 22 Sep 2016]
Seems like we're out of seats!

Going to open up one of the spare zones (staff will decide how to proceed today). If you have a group and are interested in splitting off into a "private area", please let us know ASAP

Guns of Icarus Keys Are In!
[Fermulator] [08:49 pm - 21 Sep 2016]
Just sent out the Guns of Icarus Online product key information to all VIP registrants as of Sep21!

If you're not a VIP, you can get your key at the event as you are required to be a paid participant to receive said giveaway.

As if you need more incentive
[Xanamander] [04:14 pm - 21 Sep 2016]
Our friends over at Green Brick Labs have ante'd up a behemoth grand prize up for grabs this year: an Xbox One 1TB bundle!

All LANtastic gamers (except staff) will be eligible to win, and your chances will increase the more games you play during the event! Get the full scoop this weekend!

Chatting to your team In-Game? - Use Discord!!
[sygnus] [07:27 pm - 19 Sep 2016]
Greetings Gamers!
We have just gone through the lovely process of setting up a Discord Server.
You can either use it web-based, or download the program to your desktop!

We'll make the server link available during the event!

Polls are Live
[hansey6000] [08:29 am - 15 Sep 2016]
We've created some polls to keep you busy until the event. Enjoy answering some questions! (you need to be logged into access)

Frequently Asked Questions
[Fermulator] [08:16 am - 15 Sep 2016]
Recently we've added an F.A.Q. section for some commonly asked questions so far from attendees.

Please check it out to learn more about something perhaps you had yet to think of asking!

Origin Discounts 50%
[Fermulator] [07:56 am - 15 Sep 2016]
Hey All,

Looks like there is a promo code available for Origin game purchases
--> http://forums.redflagdeals.com/origin-50-off-origin-2040606/

Not sure how long it will be active for - get 'em while it's hot!

Thanks to Daduke for pointing this out!

Angry Bird Deadline Approaches
[sygnus] [07:47 am - 15 Sep 2016]
Don't forget! -- Our final discounted pricing for "Angry Bird" rates is coming to a close in 2 days; Expires on Saturday, September 17th, 11:59PM. Get in those payments for VIP!

Dedicated Game Servers
[Fermulator] [12:35 pm - 14 Sep 2016]
Look at all these sweet dedicated servers getting ready for all you gamers to play in there!

$ virsh list --all
Id Name State
2 gameserver-gmod running
10 gameserver-mvm1 running
11 gameserver-ut4 running
12 gameserver-chiv running
13 gameserver-tf2 running
14 gameserver-q3 running
15 gameserver-ut3 running
16 gameserver-csgo running

Payments Processing
[sygnus] [11:08 pm - 24 Aug 2016]
Hi all,

Just wanted to share that I'm currently very busy with an upcoming move into a new home! As such, payment processing will be slightly delayed compared to our usual quick turnarounds.

Please be patient after paying - rest assured the payments e-mail works, and we are receiving payments. Will always strive for no more than 7-day turnaround on processing payments and sending confirmation.

NEW SPONSOR! - StarTech.com
[Fermulator] [10:10 pm - 22 Aug 2016]
BACK AGAIN for a year-over-year-over... again and again - StarTech.com is supplying each and every one of you with your very own 25' Cat5e networking cable for gigabit awesomeness at the event. And it's yours to KEEP! Wow!

Schedule is finally up!
[Xanamander] [10:55 pm - 15 Aug 2016]
After reviewing feedback and reticulating splines, the weekend's schedule is now up on the site. If this generates feelings strong enough to write an e-mail, ship it to me. to the "Games" contact.

You might notice a few new games on the docket, thanks to tips from your fellow gamers. Should be a good mix of games for all tastes!

Promotion - Early Bird Group Rate!
[sygnus] [08:48 pm - 09 Aug 2016]
Hey all!

We have ourselves some news for you gamers out there!
LANtastic is proud to announce a Group Rate for this year's event!

That's right!

If you bring FIVE friends, then we'll waive your entry fee!
If you bring NINE friends, then we'll waive your fee AND a friend's!

Check out our information page to get the details, and contact the payments e-mail to get it processed!

GO https!
[Fermulator] [08:59 pm - 07 Aug 2016]
Xanamander and I were chatting about some technical items this past weekend, and we started down the path of securing our lantastic.ca website.

Good news, it is done! Now enjoy:
* proof of identification (SSL cert)
* encryption of data sent/received

If your browser claims insecurity, you probably need to upgrade your browser.

Any technical difficulties with our website after this enhancement, please contact us via the technical support contact.

NEW SPONSOR! - The Inn of Waterloo
[Arrogant] [03:23 pm - 06 Aug 2016]
The Inn of Waterloo, our exclusive lodging partner for out-of-town attendees is providing special discounted rates for our local LANtastic event!

See the lodging page for more details also linked in the above top menu.

NEW SPONSOR! - Green Brick Labs
[Xanamander] [07:08 pm - 03 Aug 2016]
To turn up the heat of competition, the cryptocurrency experts at Green Brick Labs have provided $450 in Bitcoin to be awarded as a Grand Prize during the weekend's festivities. Stay tuned for more details to come!

Seating Plan Updated
[Fermulator] [10:46 am - 30 Jul 2016]
We've finished working out the details of expansion. Now the main area (zone1) supports 56 attendees. If demand grows beyond this, we can support it with varying smaller zones which may actually be preferable to people looking for a more intimate seating zone. Head on over to the seating plan to check it out!

[Fermulator] [11:11 pm - 26 Jul 2016]
We'll bet that your eyes will be tired of staring at your screen during the LAN. Well have we got the perfect reading material for you -- CPU magazine! A magazine for people like us: gamers, power users, PC enthusiasts, and more! CPU magazine is once again sharing with us one of their upcoming 2016 issues for all LANtastic attendees!

Upcoming Seating Changes
[Fermulator] [07:39 am - 15 Jul 2016]
Hey all,

We've been working to consider how to "grow and expand" the event this year. Advertising is under way so we expect a significant uptake in registrations over the next few weeks.

We've prepared internally a "seating overflow" plan which will be updated on the website as soon as I can. Basically the primary MAIN zone will fill first, then we'll open up "zone 2", and if gamers are coming in a large group, you can request your own "dedicated room" which holds 8-14 people :)

Games list is live!
[Xanamander] [09:16 pm - 10 Jul 2016]
At long last, the list of official games for LANtastic VII is up on the site!

Like what you see? Think something is missing? Send me your feedback!

NEW SPONSOR! - Muse Games
[Fermulator] [10:02 pm - 06 Jul 2016]
Muse Games is back again offering up a FREE full version of their exciting Guns of Icarus Online game via Steam key. $$$ a problem? Don't worry -- you can play this game for free -- yours to keep!

Payments are Go!
[sygnus] [07:11 pm - 06 Jul 2016]
Greetings Gamers!

LANtastic is now accepting payments!
Read the information page to see how you can submit your payments for this year's event!

The excitement continues!!

Stub Schedule
[Fermulator] [08:39 am - 06 Jul 2016]
We've enabled the schedule as a STUB. Most event timings are posted. Games and their timeslots will be coming soon!

[Fermulator] [09:04 pm - 05 Jul 2016]
FastMail - delivering blazing fast and secure e-mail services has provided LANtastic staff the capability for us to utilize official @lantastic.ca e-mail addresses.

Initial draft of the flyer!
[Fermulator] [11:43 pm - 28 Jun 2016]
We've got our first draft of the event flyer up. As we add sponsors and confirm the games list, we'll get some more logos on there :)

[Fermulator] [10:51 pm - 19 Jun 2016]
Good news LAN go'ers!

The krew has met and solidified upon a date for our upcoming LANtastic VII (7th! wow!) event.

--> September 23rd weekend! SAVE THE DATE!

Potential Date - HOLD IT!
[Fermulator] [11:01 am - 30 May 2016]
Staff is currently considering September 23rd -> 25th weekend for our next event! Not 100% locked in yet, we will update the event date + news as soon as it is confirmed.

staff 11

registered 365
pre-paid 56/365
spectators 7
seats remaining 10/100

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