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Gamers and Specators

Days until LANtastic! 7
Doors open Saturday November 25 at 09:00

Angry Bird Deadline November 17
Days to Deadline 0

event flyers


Welcome to LANtastic!
[Fermulator] [08:16 pm - 01 Jan 2017]
Ahoy there LANtastic gamers!

This is our official website with all the stuff you need to know. Please browse around and familiarize yourself with the layout. Absorb the event details!

If you're not quite sure what this event is all about, please see the information page for more details.

If you know that this is what you want, register for the event and pay in advance for VIP status to guarantee a seat. Don't forget to participate in the polls

Interested in sponsoring LANtastic? Thank you for your interest! Please see the sponsors page for more details.

Not sure if this is for you? Well come check it out during our spectator hours mid-afternoon on the Saturday of the event weekend!

Out-of-town attendees checkout our lodging details for close by amenities.

[sygnus] [09:45 pm - 16 Nov 2017]
This is a big one folks! HP (yes, that HP!!) has graciously donated (courtesy of one of our VIP Attendees) some swag and goodies... Not only that, but they've also hooked up LANtastic with two demo units of their HP OmenX line of PCs to try out during the event! WOW!

NEW SPONSOR - Connect Tech
[Fermulator] [10:48 pm - 13 Nov 2017]
A new sponsor this year, Connect Tech Inc. is a hardware design and manufacturing company that specializes in rugged, small form factor embedded solutions. With over 30 years of design experience, a large number of ‘off-the-shelf’ products, and a nimble engineering team; they are ready to help with your custom design. Connect Tech is contributing a sweet golf package for one lucky raffle winner!

NEW GAME - Fortnite Battle Royale
[Xanamander] [09:23 pm - 13 Nov 2017]
By popular request, Fortnite Battle Royale joins the official game schedule, making our mid-afternoon game slot on Saturday into a Battle Royale block (with the incumbent PUBG).

This free-to-play game from Epic adds base building and other interesting mechanics to the multiplayer gameplay popularized by PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS. Check it out!

NEW SPONSOR - Adventure Rooms Canada
[sygnus] [07:54 pm - 12 Nov 2017]
Adventure Rooms Canada is sharing with LANtastic this year by providing a puzzle box with a single admission voucher locked away inside.. Use the voucher to test your puzzle-solving skills to find your way out of one of their escape rooms!

NEW SPONSOR - The Clever Archer
[sygnus] [07:44 pm - 12 Nov 2017]
Hear ye, hear ye, lest ye not forget, but The Clever Archer has come to sponsor LANtastic again! Bring forth your skills of arrow and bow, with a friend and yourself! Aim true, fellow attendees, and the gift certificate for Archery Tag may be yours!

NEW SPONSOR - Apollo Cinema
[sygnus] [07:42 pm - 12 Nov 2017]
Helping us out once again this year is Apollo Cinema, bringing us a pair of tickets for a show on the big screen!

[sygnus] [09:42 pm - 07 Nov 2017]
For the third year running, DAY[9]TV is once again supplying LANtastic with some exciting swag to fuel our desires to BE A BETTER GAMER! Check out the sponsors page for some more details on what kind of goodies they've shared with us this year!

Lodging Amenities Ready!
[Fermulator] [08:11 am - 07 Nov 2017]
For all you out-of-town guests:
* pwn2own has finalized our partnership with two Hotels! Inn of Waterloo, and Best Western; both are very close by to the LANtastic venue.
* check it out! - book your hotel ASAP to avoid disappointment

[Fermulator] [02:57 am - 03 Nov 2017]
StarTech.com has done it again! They consistently support our event year-over-year and really sweeten the pot for our gamer attendees. EVERY attendee shall be receiving their very own FREE, to KEEP, 25' Cat5e networking cable. BLAMO! - please checkout their startech.com online store for all of your cable and adapter and many other needs!

staff 12

registered 70
pre-paid 61/70
spectators 2
seats remaining 46/106

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