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Gamers and Specators

Days until LANtastic! 39
Doors open Saturday November 25 at 09:00

Angry Bird Deadline November 10
Days to Deadline 25

event flyers


Welcome to LANtastic!
[Fermulator] [08:16 pm - 01 Jan 2017]
Ahoy there LANtastic gamers!

This is our official website with all the stuff you need to know. Please browse around and familiarize yourself with the layout. Absorb the event details!

If you're not quite sure what this event is all about, please see the information page for more details.

If you know that this is what you want, register for the event and pay in advance for VIP status to guarantee a seat. Don't forget to participate in the polls

Interested in sponsoring LANtastic? Thank you for your interest! Please see the sponsors page for more details.

Not sure if this is for you? Well come check it out during our spectator hours mid-afternoon on the Saturday of the event weekend!

[Fermulator] [09:34 am - 07 Oct 2017]
Our local KW MUSEUM downtown kitchener has donated 10x general admission passes to contribute to our raffle table. Be a lucky winner and you can check out what's gong on there for free! https://www.THEMUSEUM.ca.

NEW FLYER (with game and sponsorship logos)
[Fermulator] [11:43 pm - 25 Sep 2017]
We're gearing up to physically print the flyer ASAP - needed to lock in games and a first round of sponsors first though, which we've got now!

The new version of the flyer is updated. A future digital update may come too.

NEW SPONSOR - Watchtower Restaurant
[sygnus] [10:18 pm - 25 Sep 2017]
Our new friends at the Watchtower Restaurant have sent some coupons our way to make use of on our next visit to their establishment! Always nice to be able to save a few bucks while enjoying a tasty meal!

NEW SPONSOR - Muse Games
[sygnus] [10:17 pm - 20 Sep 2017]
Our pals and yours from Muse Games have, for the third year in a row, stepped up to sponsor LANtastic! We got Guns of Icarus Alliance on our games page, and every attendee gets their very own FREE copy of the Collector's Edition, along with some pins to adorn your vests and goggles!

Fly on gamers, and may your airships strike true!

Games list is up!
[Xanamander] [09:16 pm - 16 Sep 2017]
You've been patient, but the wait is over! The official list of games is now live!

Schedule is up!
[Xanamander] [11:48 pm - 14 Sep 2017]
This year's proposed game schedule is now available for your consideration.

We want to hear your thoughts on the plan, please send us your feedback!

[Fermulator] [08:34 pm - 13 Sep 2017]
You'll need a break! We bet that your eyes will be tired of staring at your screen during the LAN. Well have we got the perfect reading material for you -- CPU magazine! A magazine for people like us: gamers, power users, PC enthusiasts, and more! CPU magazine is once again sharing with us one of their upcoming 2017 issues for all LANtastic attendees!

seating zones updated
[Fermulator] [08:11 pm - 13 Sep 2017]
Learning from last year, we've made some improvements and optimizations to the seating zones, should we need them for expansion/overflow.

zone1 seating enabled
[Fermulator] [09:23 pm - 09 Sep 2017]
Since we are now accepting payments, it obviously makes sense to allow people to sit down! For now, enabling zone1 (main room).

- zone1 has been reduced by 4x seats (last year it was too tight)
- probably some major changes to the other zones. TBD (for now all other zones remain as reserved)

staff 13

registered 58
pre-paid 48/58
spectators 1
seats remaining 63/106

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Muse Games

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CPU Magazine

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Watchtower Restaurant
Watchtower Restaurant